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About Us

Denson Engineering Limited(DEL) is a group of seasoned professionals’ engineers spread across all discipline of engineering. Del is borne out of the need to solve perennial engineering and infrastructural problems with value added solutions.

Our team is built of field engineers, manufacturer design and build engineers, and field technicians that have the know how to see any project through from conception to completion.


Our Mission

To provide technologically driven engineering services to our valued clients in a most proficient, cost effective and timely manner. We seek to approach problems with a best for fit purposes


Our Vision

To approach each project as an opportunity to establish a new “personal best” in professionalism, service and quality.


Our Values

  • Pace
  • Precision
  • Possibility
  • Passion


The Need

The success or failure of any project is not primarily the dearth of resources, but lack of competent professionals assigned to manage the available resources The need for our approach to project management helps to prevent waste, rework and scope creep, but enhance delivery of projects within budget and on schedule.

At DEL we don’t just execute and manage projects from start to finish; rather we harness your resources to effectively and successfully deliver your project tailored to your exact specification. More importantly however, we show you why you are betteroff with our approach to executing and managing projects


The Value

Our thorough understanding of the processes, tools and techniques involved in engineering design and managing projects helps us to prevent both teething and structural problems confronting many projects today.

This approach results in some of the following;

Our workforce value team work and effectively applies its diverse expertise through collaborative efforts. We understand what to look for before starting a project. Our clear understandings of the triple constraint in project management propel our team to efficiently and effectively manage projects from start to finish.

We are ethically bonded by a code of ethics that enhances team work, good communication skills, and human management by taking the advantage of diverse expertise through collaborative efforts.